Mubarak!!! Dr Sahab Bhi CHOTI BHABHI Le Aayei

Our social media star Amir Liaquat is in news again. I must say, he is always in “different” kind of news. This time he is caught hiding his second marriage in nomination papers.

Few days back it was Saad Rafique from PML-N, but the good point was, he mentioned his second marriage in the nomination papers. However we have heard that Amir Liaquat did not mention his second marriage in the nomination papers for General elections 2018.

PTI’s Amir Liaquat, candidate for NA-245 has married a lady half of her age, Syeda Tooba Anwar. Dunya news report says that the lady is also from media industry.

Why is Amir Liaquat Initiating Religious Controversies?

The copy of Tooba’s passport is

Amir Liaquat second wife

It also shows her husband’s name

Things are being very different this time, considering general elections. It looks like we all are being told very clearly about the candidates, like who to vote. This time, there is no ambiguity left…