Haider Rifaat
By:Sana Usman-July 13, 2019Today, most of us seek shortcuts in the practical world. People want to work less and earn more. We
By:Sana Usman-July 3, 2019Near to impossible that any 90's born would not be a big big fan of Ali Noor who gained massive popu
Huawei US ban
By:Sana Usman-July 1, 2019The ban on Huawei from buying products from US suppliers was a hot news from many days. The whole sa
veena malik
By:Sana Usman-June 17, 2019The emerging new talent on twitter, Veena Malik is making din dugni raat chugni progress on twitter.
By:Sana Usman-June 15, 2019Thrown Pebbles in your eyes, otherwise they won't cry... This was a phrase from a song I listened t
shopping in Pakistan
By:Sana Usman-June 14, 2019I was in kitchen this morning. It was pathetically hot and making Gobhi Goosht was much a pain for m