By:Mubeshra Pracha-April 21, 2018Online shopping is the trend these days. Pakistan is finally catching up to it but even today rather
Maya Ali
By:Usman Ahmad-April 20, 2018The whole social media is on fire after Meesha Shafi breaking silence about Ali Zafar's harassment.
India Invented Internet
By:Usman Ahmad-April 18, 2018Indian minster Tripura Chief Minister has claimed that the ancient Indians invented internet thousan
Nauman ali khan
By:Sana Younas-April 18, 2018I am lucky enough to get a chance to attend the live event of Ustadh Nauman Ali Khan. He was here in
Chirping birds
By:Sana Younas-April 16, 2018Thinking deeply about my thesis work which is due in coming months, I suddenly heard the chirping of
Ayesha Khan's Nikkah
By:Sana Usman-April 14, 2018It is near to impossible that pretty girls look "beautiful" on whole of their wedding. Well we are e