Is There Any Limit To Amir Liaquat’s Drama?

Every Ramadan Amir Liaqiat comes on screens in a different getups. Sometimes he is hosting a game show and entertain his audience with his lame jokes and misbehaviour, and some times he hosts a religious show, again do lame jokes and put drama out of no where. Means from absolutely no where. See the video to get an idea what I am talking about,

The guy on call just asked a simple question that could be replied, “yes” without any drama. It is the pattern of show that people can call and ask questions. What was the big deal on it. A person would ask a question only if he doesn’t know about it. Then Amir Liaquat himself put Zakir Naik in it. The poor moulvi sahab only said that Zakir Naik didn’t say anything inappropriate on matter of Khilafat given to Hazrat Ali. He said nothing about Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), and Amir Liaquat made issue on self given statement, and then he left the show.

Amir Liaquat Banned

I understand that TV channels have a big issue of rating, but rating on religion… Please koi cheez to chor do… 

Whoever has knowledge of deen is respectable for us. Islam teaches peace, Islam asks us to give up fight rather create one.

Amir Liaquat show

May Allah makes us among people who set preferences to please Allah, rather their own benefits…