valentines day
By:Mubeshra Pracha-February 14, 2019Lo and behold! We have become people of reaction. We sit patiently for some action and then we react
Komal Rizwi Aitebar
By:Mubeshra Pracha-May 11, 2018Some celebrities make our lives quite amusing because of their lack of talent and we all know them.
husband and Wife fights
By:Mubeshra Pracha-May 2, 2018The relation of husband and wife is a strange one - it has moments of passion and love. While at the
Baby Stoned to death
By:Mubeshra Pracha-April 30, 2018I am a big fan of super hero movies hence missing Avengers was out of the question. However, it did
By:Mubeshra Pracha-April 25, 2018The celebrities we watch on television, cinemas or on the fashion show ramps sometimes have to owe p
Careem security breach
By:Mubeshra Pracha-April 24, 2018Careem having launched their service in Pakistan in 2016, now finds itself in the midst of a major s