A New Born Stoned to Death On Order of Cleric- Why?

I am a big fan of super hero movies hence missing Avengers was out of the question. However, it did not turn out how I had expected. While waiting for the movie to start, I came across a tweet by Nadia Jamil @NJLahori which caught my attention.


The movie started but my mind got stuck on that tweet. Apparently Avengers was on screen but it  was another movie running through my mind’s eye.

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There is a new born baby, wrapped in a dirty sheet with no clothes on. He is lying on the steps of a mosque – right in front of its door. The baby is crying uncontrollably, alone and wanting of some warmth. Someone from inside hears him cry. Finally I think to myself, someone heard the baby. The warmth of the man’s arm calms down the baby a little. Soon the crying and restlessness of the baby changed into babbling sounds and playfulness.

But this was to end soon. A bearded man with a big turban on his head didn’t let it last long.

The baby’s tiny existence was not to melt his heart.


The authoritative man to whom the baby was taken gave his own verdict. His experience and knowledge smelled the ‘illegitimacy’ of the new born soul. He addressed the rest of the people in the mosque – the baby has been born out of wedlock and hence is destined to die. As per the Hudood ordinance, the cleric ordered to stone the baby to death.

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The steadfast people in the mosque had no choice but to be part of the ‘stoning ceremony’ to welcome and bid farewell to the innocent soul.

The baby, with his/her tiny hands and feet twisted in pain, crying for help, for someone to come and save him/her in protective arms. There is wonder and confusion in the eyes of the baby at the people, apparently grown ups; trying to understand the fate bestowed on him. All that the tiny soul had heard was that babies are innocent, they are loved by family; protected and played with.

But here there were no ears to hear, no heart to love, and no arms to protect.

There were humans there like the cleric who initiated the barbarism. Who took matters into his own hands. There was that absent mother and father who gave away what many people cry for their whole lives.

The cleric could have taken another stance : “Kaun hai jo is besahara bachay ka sahara baney ga?”  I’m sure if people killed the little baby on his order, someone from among them could have also adopted or taken ‘kifaalat’. 

The parents could have given the baby in someone’s responsible hands, an organisation perhaps?

The point that jolts me to my core is why does our peaceful religion get associated with such ruthless and barbaric acts? We keep on hearing the news like a maulvi molested a minor girl, or a cleric raped an 8 year old boy. Why is it happening, and is there any solution to it?

The answer is yes. The solution lies within us. With me and you. It’s us who have segregated religion from our lives. Why can’t my son who is an engineer or a doctor or a businessman be an Imam as well? Why do we need a maulvi, who is a maulvi by profession and but not by passion.

If we look into the history of Islam, was it a separate profession like teaching or medical? No. There were people like me and you who used to do Imamat. We need to have educated and BaSha’oor people who come forward and represent the real picture of Islam. Islam doesn’t stop us from progressing. In fact it encourages us on every step to work hard and achieve dreams.

This incident will only lead to more people pointing fingers at the religion, at the role of the cleric, the conscience of the people there – painting a horrible picture of this country.

I left the movie theatre, moved to the core of my existence with these questions, a state of helplessness and with the super heroes ending credit rolling behind me.

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