FOUR Actresses Having Perfect On-Screen Chemistry With Hamza Ali Abbasi

The celebrities we watch on television, cinemas or on the fashion show ramps sometimes have to owe part of their success and popularity to their co-stars. Some actors make it big solo but most of the hero and heroines also become more popular depending on their chemistry with their male/female so stars.  Hamza Ali Abbasi owes it to his good looks first. But part of the reason his dramas got hit were owing to who he was paired up with.

Here the four leading ladies we have seen him with swooned over.

1. Ayeza Khan ka Piyaray Afzal

Both appeared the masoom and naive on screen couple. They did have a chemistry but soon we found out that Hamza’s chemistry is quite interesting else where too.

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2. Maya Ali ka Mann Mayal

The in trouble on screen couple made an impression on a lot of people. The drama was all the rage that took their jodi to another height. Why haven’t we seen them together in other projects?

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3. Mahira Khan Ka Glam

They haven’t paired up in any drama serial but they have done photo shoots with Diva magazine. And we can say if they are paired together, their couple will be a complete glamorous one.

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4. Ayesha Khan Ke Saath

When their almost side jodi was in competition with Maya Ali’s in Munn Mayal we just couldn’t seen them together. Earlier they both had starred in a film as brother and sister. Hence along with the negative role Ayesha played in Munn Mayal, people preferred the bubbly Maya Ali’s role with that of Hamza’s.

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Who did he make a stunning pair with? We are guessing it has to be Mann Mayal considering the hype and fame the drama serial got.  Share your opinion on your favourite couple!

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