Five Hilarious Reasons For Fight Between Husband and Wife

The relation of husband and wife is a strange one – it has moments of passion and love. While at the same time, this twisted relationship can turn the same love birds into argumentative monsters over petty things.

Here are a few reasons that are funny yet very real that results in skirmishes between husband and wife.

1. When She Takes Time To Get Ready

husband wife fights
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Nothing drives husbands mad than when their wives takes hours upon hours to get ready. An hour into getting ready and the husbands grow impatient, checking their watch and asking how much more time? Little do men realize that women tend to take more time than them as they have to manage many home chores along with getting ready.

2. Who Will Switch Off The Lights

husband wife fighs
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Sometimes husband and wife can act like kids. Switching the lights at bedtime can become funny yet very crucial point of argument. It can become sore or funny depending on the temperament of the couple.

3. Messy Husbands Drive Wives Insane

husband wife fights
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There are some things about husbands that drive their wives insane and there is nothing more patience testing than a husband being messy. Wet towel on chair, used cups and glasses lying around, stinky socks on bed are just the tip of the iceberg that can turn turn the patient wife into a hulk, roaring around the house complaining about the mess.

4. Wives Spend More Money Than Their Husbands

husband and wife fights
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Some women are used to luxury and they cannot let go off their habit of lavishly spending money on things they fancy. This can become a huge issue between the couple, adding stress for both the people in the relationship.

5. Husband Forgetting Anniversary/Birthday Dates

husband and wife fights
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We have often seen in movies that husbands are the ones who forget important dates in their relationship. It is never shown that a woman forgets her husband’s birthday etc. But is this true? For majority of women this is true. The person guilty of easily forgetting anniversary are the honorable husbands. No one can take away this attribute from men!

Has anyone of you found yourself in any of the above situations with your life partner only to later realize that the point of argument was incredibly funny. If there are more reasons that husband and wife jump into silly fights with each other, share them with us in the comments below.