Komal Rizvi Butchered Our ‘Aitebaar’ on Music!

Some celebrities make our lives quite amusing because of their lack of talent and we all know them. Recently Komal Rizvi, the once girl next door, with her promising acting skills faded into oblivion only to reemerge from time to time to ‘entertain’ us!

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Have you heard Komal Rizvi butcher Aitebaar by Junaid Jamshed’s Aitebaar?

Pun intended or not but the song itself must have lost of ‘Aitebaar’ in the beautiful Komal Rizvi.

If you have been fortunate and listened to the song, you would know where we are going from here.

A few seconds into the song and you get to see a nice video, good directionm setting, decent concept if nothing new.  Rizvi’s stylis outfits and jewelry are also on point. The video gives you hope of a good song. The good news is that Komal Rizvi has not sung the entire Aitebaar song. Her new release is a mash up of two songs, Evanescence’s My Immortal and JJ’s. So all the Aitebaar fans can take it easy.

Why Komal Rizwi why😢? #Aitebar #KomalRizwi #music #komalrizwiairebar

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Her vocals are not so bad until she decides to take her notes to what seems like a little bit of scream. So if you have your speakers on high volume, you will not like it so much.

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Previously the actor turned singer has sung famous songs such as Desan Da Raja, Washmallay on Coke Studio both of which did not receive positive feedback from the public. But this one isn’t as acceptable as the Coke Studio renditions.