Student From Faisalabad Committed Suicide in Front of University Gate!

Saifullah Jamali, a chemical engineering student from NFC University Faisalabad shot himself in front of the university he was enrolled in. Unfortunately the fatal gunshot took his life.

The apparent cause of suicide was the fact that a lecturer was failing him again and again in a same subject due to personal grudges. Saifullah couldn’t take the pressure anymore, and so committed suicide.

The university expelled the student for failing again and again

Saifullah jamali

Saifullah also left a letter for his parents and loved ones,

saifullah jamali

Generally, everyone is blaming the professor for keeping the personal grudge. It is a sad truth that mostly the teachers have not adopted the modern trends of teaching that put emphasis on the need of healthy teacher-student relationship. IF he was not having a personal issue with the student, even then he failed to develop a teacher-student relationship.

Five Possible Reasons of Kids’ Digital Addiction 

However there could be so many other reasons of this suicide, like

  1. Bullying
  2. Rejection
  3. Competition
  4. Fear
  5. Insult
  6. Inability to handle pressure

I would like to focus on the last point, Inability to handle pressure. 

What may be the possible reasons of this “disability” I must say?

a. Lack of Friends

Friends are important in every phase of life. Friends are not for Halla Gulla only, but mainly for catharsis. They can be someone in front of whom you can bring your heart out. However everyone is not lucky enough to get true friends in life.

b. Attachment with Parents

Thats the most important, yet ignored fact of current age. Many parents, after providing kids with all the luxuries, think “they are done’. However this is not the story. Whether parents provide them luxury or not, but they should MUST provide them their time. They should listen to them. They should know their weaknesses and fears. Children should have trust that parents are going to listen and understand them.

Willingly or unwillingly we are entering a time where ‘dealing with kids’ is going to be hardest. So whether your kid is 2 years old or 12 or 20 years old, listen to him. If you do not agree with him, convince him to your stance, but don’t snub him for talking or questioning.

May Allah create ease for the parents of Saifullah Jamali. Only a parent can understand the pain of losing a child.