Five Possible Reasons of Kids’ Digital Addiction

I have always hated excessive use of gadgets, both by adults and kids. Adult usage was not much of my concern as my eldest kid is 7 years old, so I have been more into kids’ digital addiction.

Fortunately me and my husband are on same bandwidth that kids should not use much screen. BUT the typical society we live in constantly bragged us that we are the most cruel parents as our kids did not OWN a tablet. We were dealing with it, when my kids’ grand parents, Maa Sadqey gifted them a tablet.

However we have successfully controlled the tablet usage, and we as parents give them the gadget as per our decided timings.

Meanwhile I keep on observing many parents complaining about the excessive screen usage. They do complain, but do not take measures to control it. So depending upon my personal observation (that might be wrong), I have come across following reasons of WHY kids these days are strongly addicted to gadgets.

1. Parents’ Comfort

kids using gadgets
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My youngest daughter is 1.5 years and eldest son is 7 years old. Both of them keep on sitting peacefully for hours when they have tablet with them. It is evident that gadgets have provided mothers comfort by the keeping the kids busy for hours, so they would not bother their mothers by creating mess with toys, or running around or hiding in the cupboards.

2. Parents Don’t have to Answer Kids’ Stupid Questions

kids using gadgets
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We know very well that kids learn when they question. However when they are into tablets and video games and youtube videos 24/7, they do not observe their environment and so do not ask any questions. It makes mothers happy in disturbance-free Instagraming and Facebooking. 

3. Uninterrupted Phone Calls

kids using gadgets
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Around 10-15 years back, when there was no concept of mobile packages, people have to call through Ptcl or landline and that too after booking calls for out station numbers. All the numbers for other cities plus extra ordinary long phone calls were mentioned in the monthly bill. Thus there was some accountability and lack of accessibility when it came to phone calls. However now, from house wives to maids, everyone has mobile with activated packages and free calls. Therefore tablet is a very easy way out for mothers to make uninterrupted phone calls. Kids have their own gadgets and parents have their gadgets.

4. Personal Time

kids using gadgets
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One thing that inspires me a lot about Western parents is that they make their daily routines as per the routines of kids. However us, the desi parents make our kids’ routine as per our routines. Therefore we easily give them tablets or other gadgets when we have to dine out, or hang out with friends. And obviously, its our personal time, so we mothers/parents don’t want kids to be part of it. Also kids’ don’t want to hang out with their parents as they would love to have unchecked and unlimited access to gadgets in their parents’ absence.

Excessive Gaming Might be a Mental Disorder 

5. Peer Pressure

Kids using gadgets

Thats another dilemma. Every kid has his own tablet, and mine does not have any. Therefore he will develop complexes. Firstly, we think it ourselves, and then our surroundings make us believe it. However its not true. If I don’t have any complexes, by any chance my kids won’t develop them. If I am satisfied with my possessions, my kids would enjoy peace of mind too.

The foremost reason of kids’ digital addition is the digital addiction of parents. Therefore brace the fact that kids do not need materials to be mentally strong. They need time of parents, parents should play with them, talk to them, answer each and every stupid question of them. Parents should make them feel important. Also if everyone has tablet, it doesn’t mean that your kid should have tablet too. If everyone is taking a wrong route, doesn’t mean that you should take the wrong too.


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