Sapphire Hilarious Video Is Not To Be Missed!

If you haven’t seen the Sapphire recent video below then you should, without giving it a second thought!

And you if you  have never seen Indian soaps and have no idea what about what is happening in the video above, then watch the “kyon ke saas bhi kabhi bahu thi” OST.

The Sapphire’s employees’ version is hands out better and hilarious to watch. The Salesman opens the outlet’s doors mimicking the famous super bahu of the never ending Indian soap (has it finished now?). The young man’s gestures, dancing around the shop and introducing his colleagues is not only goofy but in good taste.

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I had no plans of summer shopping from Sapphire, but now I think this marketing strategy might work its charm on me.

Sapphire lawn
via PK Vogue