The Lawn Kahani- Battle of Getting them FIRST?

Attention ladies and gentlemen! It’s that time of the year again characterized by the titillating scuffle between the blanket and the fan. You still don’t want to let go of the winters though. A few more days of the shawls and the socks won’t do you any harm. The mornings and the evenings are still chilly and you want to hold onto your winter gear.

But Lo and Behold! The Lawn season is here!!! The billboards at all key commercial locations have started to endorse life size versions of models draped in the latest lawn collections. The television prime time is punctuated by ads starring mystifying divas with long dupattas trailing behind, gliding across captivating landscapes flaunting new lawn prints. The news feed is bombarded with Spring/Summer collections “available online and in-stores nationwide”.


Oh yes, the lawn volume one of all the major clothing brands has been launched or is in the pre booking stages.  In other words, the first chapter of the Lawn Kahani is here … Embrace yourself to witness the Battle for the Lawns…the luxury  lawn exhibitions and the struggle to get hold of the most wanted lawn designs of the season FIRST. Even though the mind is still skeptical about the arrival of the summer season, the heart yearns to own the best prints of each volume before they run out of stock. Once the most wanted lawn prints are acquired and worn, the next step comprises of expressing outrage and dismay if you see anybody else wearing the same design (as if the brand sold only one suit of that particular design only to you).

Lets see how this Lawn Saga unfolds…what innovations do the lawn brands offer this year and how we as consumers react to them!!!

Ayesha Omer with Gigi Hadid at NewYork Fashion Week