Reham Khan Leaves Country Amid Threats

Reham Khan, the ex wife of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf(PTI) chairman Imran Khan, seem to have left the country or planning to leave after receiving ‘threats’. The reason for threats comes after she said she will break silence on ‘certain matters’.

In a rather secret confirmation, Reham Khan told a private news channel about her flying out the country on Sunday. According to the news channel, she revealed getting phone threats after her statement on breaking silence over some issues.

Via Daily Pakistan

Logon ka kaam hai kehna, kuch tu log kahain ge

And twitter is a the best place to vent out all kinds of opinions on all kind of people. Hence when our famous people say something, the general public become vocal too.

Following interesting tweets display both their support and anger towards the anchor turn politician.

It is interesting to note that people whom we don’t like that much become suspected RAW agents, as some of the following tweets express.

Quite some observation there Mubashar Luqman!

Via Twitter

But there are those who also supported her.

Via Twitter

Reham Khan

And no twitter wars are complete if it does not have PTI supporters.

At one point or another ‘famous’ people feel forced to leave Pakistan amid threats. The interesting question is why? Are the threats really real or just a reason to avoid all the social media attention that celebrities and politicians first bring upon themselves through ‘secrets’ they want to reveal? It is something worth thinking about. Because the last thing we want is to become fools at the hands of attention seeking celebs and politicians.

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