Affairs Are Sane, Marriages Are Crimes

Few years back when I was doing my bachelors in Journalism, the instructor taught about Yellow or Gutter journalism. Those were the days when we used to see everything from colorful spectacles. Even if something did not look optimistic, it was a belief that ultimately everything gets settled.

Thus I used to think that yellow journalism must not be followed by majority of journalists, and there are very few black sheep in the flock of journalists.

However the reality is vice versa. Here in the field of journalism, there are very few “socially responsible” journalists. We all have been hearing the news of Imran Khan’s third marriage. The great journalist Umer Cheema has excitedly shared the news of IK’s “khufya nikkah” with Bushra Manika. He has also shared the story of how IK attracted this married woman towards him, got her divorced and married her.

Firstly, I have a question. Allah has allowed man to marry four times without divorcing any of his wives. However extra marital affairs are highly forbidden. Whoever gets indulged in any such affair, is supposed to be stoned till death. On other hand, a person who marries a woman fulfilling all the protocols that Allah has asked is considered as a Good Deed.

Irony is, we all know it. THEN what is wrong if IK has married this woman. Then, comes the second point. The journalist alleged IK of interfering in Bushra Manika and Khawar Fareed’s ( Bushra’s ex husband) personal life, creating problems that resulted in divorce. These allegations are denied by Khawar Fareed himself.

Imran Khan's Third Marriage


Umer Cheema is a reputable (that I doubt now) investigative journalist. But there were more chatpatey issues that he had to investigate first. Dragging someone’s marriage to public platform and giving your own assessments based on “rating” is totally insane. Hope things stay easy for kids of IK and Bushra Manika.

Imran Khan's Third Marriage