Jibran Nasir Contesting General Elections-Maybe Allah Is About To Show Mercy…

Last night we slept with the horrible news of acquittal of Shah Hussain who stabbed Khadija Siddiqi 23 times in broad day light. But this morning we woke up with best news of Jibran Nasir contesting general elections 2018 from Karachi.

Unfortunately Pakistan is a country that has hardly experienced fair politicians. Looking back in the history, there are very few names. One of the names was Khuawaja Nazim-ud-din. His tenure was only nine months. At the end of his tenure when he had to leave the office, you know what he did? He took out the ink from his pen, because he no more had right over the government ink. And today, people who are not even in government, but are somehow related to it, like recent example of lawyer Tanweer Hashmi, father of Shah Hussain, have rights over everything, be it the money of government or citizens of Pakistan or honour of government or citizens of Pakistan.

BUT we all know that stars shine in pitch black darkness. I am just imagining if people like M.Jibran Nasir comes to power, they would make our country shine. I do not know much about hum. But I know he was standing with all those victims who lost so much, like Shahzeb Khan, Khadijah Siddiqi and Naqeebullah.

I feel M.Jibran Nasir is from us. I have not heard about his strong feudal family background or anything other influential factor. This means that we can relate with him in our struggles and injustices. He said about him taking part in elections,

“The politics today has been restricted to personalities and cult following due to which the public issues and ideological politics have taken a back seat. A glaring example is the fact that not only those who were elected MNA and MPA from my constituency but even the CM of this province has to order water tankers to meet requirements at their personal residence.

“Perhaps, because they are able to afford this expensive arrangement they have failed in the last five years to address the issue of scarcity of water which has now become a national emergency”

He knows, or I would say he has experienced the loss we as Pakistanis are bearing due to political systems,

“I have been on the ground in Karachi, Thar, Lahore, Islamabad, [and] Parachinar, working with various marginalised groups and, in the process, gaining firsthand experience of the injustice caused by our political system.

“From political parties, to State institutions, to influential feudal lords, to property tycoons, to media channels, to terror outfits, I have experienced how power, religious provocation, the threat of force and/or money are used to manoeuver the system at the expense of the ordinary citizen.

“I have also paid the price of confronting these forces but it is due to the support of the people that I have never backed down; in fact, together, we have been able to push back — in some instances — even managed to hold the guilty accountable and only got more encouragement to work for the collective welfare of the people.”

Maybe our endless night is about to have a dawning day…