“Justice Butchered!”-Shah Hussain Who Stabbed Khadija Siddiqi 23 Times Is Acquitted

In May 2016, Shah Husain son of a prominent lawyer Tanweer Hashmi, stabbed her classmate Khadijah Siddiqi 23 times in broad day light on Davis Road Lahore.

Chief Justice Saqib Nisar has taken Suo Moto Notice in Shah Hussain Acquittal case! 

He was sentenced seven years of imprisonment, which was challenged in session court. The years of imprisonment were reduced to 5 years, and the decision was again challenged.

The final verdict had to be announced today, and Khadijah’s lawyer Hassan Niazi has been updating the case followers through twitter account.

And court decided to give the culprit benefit of doubt, and acquitted Shah Hussain. And We are shocked.

Our heart knows whats right and whats wrong. We are shattered because of this system of judiciary where there is nothing called accountability for ones with power. I am afraid from the day when people start taking their own justice. The online community stands in solidarity with Khadijah. And it makes sure that Shah Hussain won’t go like this.

Khadijah will appeal in Supreme Court. And I pray that Justice Saqib Nisar won’t disappoint her.