Have a Look at Hum Awards 2018!

Hum Awards have been so much in discussion for two reasons. Firstly, thats one of the best awards show in Pakistan, and indeed a great entertainment. The second reason is more negative than positive. That is its wrong timing this year. Many of our favourite celebrities like Mahira Khan, Hareem Farooq, Ahmad Ali Butt, Yasir Husain, and many others could not vote on 25th July because they were busy in Awards. The actors faced huge criticism on this. Many said that they will boycott HumAwards.

On same notes, many actors came back to Pakistan just to vote.

Also many other celebrities first voted, them went to Toronto. Lets have a look at Glamorous Hum Awards through Pictures

The Wonderful Hosts

How Can you Forget that Parwaz hai Junoon Belongs to Hum Tv???

The Magical Mahira Khan


Selfie Mode!!!


Hira Mani

Her Smile!

And the Sahad Charizma

Some Sick Minded People Have Trolled Ahad And Sajal and thats clearly unethical