Some SICK Minded People Trolled Sajal Aly & Mir Family And That’s Clearly INSANE!

RESPECT matters for everyone. Unfortunately we think that celebrities are public property and we have right to say whatever we want about them. Yesterday an instagram group shared a picture of people’s comment on Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir and his family.

The amount of disgust and hate that is written in these comments makes me sick to death! I had to censor those words that I find extremely inappropriate and disrespectful and disgraceful. The words used for women BY other women make me ashamed. Where is this society heading? I am publicly shaming you all for spreading hate. You all are nothing but hate preachers. You all are extremists with disgusting dirty brains. The words I have censored are the worst of worst to be used for women. You all, who are questioning Mrs Mir’s, Mrs Saba, Miss Aly’s character – let me question your taribiyat and the upbringing you have got from your home. I really hope someone from your family sees how filthy your language is so they can tell your parents how they have failed to raise you! My God, what have I just read. Samra Mir shares a picture of Ahad, or Sajal or their picture together, or Anjum Durrani shares a picture of Samra, Ahad, Adnan, Sajal or Saba shares Ahad, Sajal or Ahad and Sajal’s picture or even Adnan Raza Mir shares a picture with Sajal or his family: OR they don’t do at all: THIS IS NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS! If you don’t like them, instagram has very fortunately created a unfollow button, FOR GOD’s SAKE USE IT! BUT, DO NOT, and I REPEAT, DO NOT, USE FILTHY AND DISRESPECTFUL LANGUAGE FOR ANY OF THEM! All this time I defended Ahad, he faced hate for no genuine reason, and now you are all turning to his family. Samra Mir, Asif Raza Mir, Saba, Adnan Raza Mir, Ahad Raza Mir, Sajal Aly, Anjum Durrani, Saboor Aly, and Aly Syed CAN SHARE WHATEVER THEY WANT TO SHARE ON THEIR INSTAGRAM PAGES. NO ONE, I SAY NO ONE HERE HAS THE RIGHT TO BULLY THEM! Get out of here you all! GET OUT! Also, ALL OF YOU SAYING SHEDDING HATE ON FEROZE AND SAJAL: Feroze Khan is happily married and I wish him all the happiness: and I have to say hateful language for him and his sisters was used too: and I SAY THE SAME: YOU ALL HAVE NO RIGHT TO SPEAK DIRT FOR ANY WOMAN OR ANY MAN, BE IT SAJAL OR HUMAIMA, BE IT DUA OR SAMRA MIR! I TELL YOU ALL AGAIN, BE IT FEROZE OR AHAD: YOU GUYS DONT SPEAK HATE! I hope the bloggers I tag notice this and post this publicly so these haters are exposed!

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Sadly the ones who have commented knows nothing about decent language. Secondly whatever they have said about Ahad’s family is clearly insane for these reasons.

Fizza Ali Meerza Booing Ahad Raza Mir on Winning Award-Sportsmanship! please show up!

1. Free Will

Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir
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As long as Sajal Aly and Ahad or their families are not doing  any harm to us(general public) we have no right to say fowl things about them. Thats clearly unethical.

2. The Mirs

Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir

These days I am seeing Asif Raza Mir in every second drama, be it parchai of Hum Tv or Nibbah of ARY, so technically Asif Raza Mir’s tenure started from Tanhayian and is still alive. Then how come the family is poor underrated as mentioned in the comment? Secondly Yaqeen Ka Safar charisma is all over us, and I would say that more because of Ahad Raza Mir than Sajal. Also how come Ahad is jobless when when all are going gaga over Parwaz Hai Junoon…

3. Sajal and Feroze

Sajal and ahad raza mir
Sajal and feroze

The relationship of Sajal and Feroze is history. Feroze is happily married and thats none of our business what they did in past. People have break up and patch ups. Saanu ki???

4. Language Please!  

Sajal aly and ahad raza mir
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Thats a very serious matter. Not only about this post, but generally we have developed this trait of using indecent language and with time its being totally acceptable. Please F words were indecent in past, are indecent in present and will always stay indecent. Our young generation considers it a symbol of coolness. Trust me indecency is never cool. So please take care of words that come out of your mouth.

5. Never ever involve parents in personal grudges 

Sajal aly and ahad raza mir

Parents are dear to everyone. So who ever used Mama Mir in a wrong way is unacceptable. Respect parents.