Four Reasons Juggun Kazim is an Inspiration

Usually celebrity interviews are about their profession, their successful work and some fun questions. However, the conversations with Samina Peerzada take a different take on celebrity interviews. You get to see more to the celebrities and their lives; beyond their persona we see on TV. One such interview is of Juggan Kazim.

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We picked up the highlights of the interview to share with you.

1. Courage is indefatigable

Juggan Kazim talks about her life experiences with Samina Peerzada. And one thing that really summed up her journey so far is about the kind of courage she had to finally get out of her situation. She took time to come to a decision but then stood by it with courage. She picked up the pieces of her life and moved on unafraid. A person with her kind of experience and abusive relation might shy away from getting into another relation. But she did not. Despite the abusive first marriage she understood that she cannot live in fear.

2. Abusive Marriage  

Many women in Pakistan suffer at the hands of insensitive in laws and a physically and verbally abusive husband. For the fear of their dignity and their family’s they bear all the abuse, sometimes their entire lives. Few women like Juggan Kazim find themselves in a position to take a stand with the help of their friends and family. However, she took her time to eventually walk away from a life that brought physical and verbal abuse.

3. Motherhood

Motherhood is a blessing for women. But in a complicated relationship women get blackmailed because of children. They get stuck further into a life fearing for the future of their children if they decide to ask for divorce. It was when she became a mother that something triggered in her; her son gave her courage. She refrained from taking a big step despite the difficult man in her life. She knew the stigma of divorce is burdensome but motherhood changed something in her.

4. Stigma of divorce

Juggan herself comes from a family where her parents separated in her early childhood. Her childhood memories are full of divided time between her parents. Knowing well that her parents didn’t have an ideal relation, the actor tried to make her marriage work. A lot of women fear this stigma of divorce and give in to a life of misery. The actor says if divorce wasn’t such a big issue in our society a lot of people would make better decisions. But on the other hand, if divorce becomes an acceptable thing in society would that become too common?

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Whether you are rich, famous or poor, life will throw a lot of pain and struggles your way. When famous people share their life struggles we can relate a lot more than their glamorous persona. Their experiences and how they dealt with them can inspire common people like us.