Meet the Inspiring Lady Amaira Asim of Amaira & Asim’s Kitchen

  1. Certain incidents in your life can be termed as the deciding points. When you loose someone very close to your heart, you loose your will to move forward. There are very few brave enough to pick themselves up and start over, using their grief as their power and motivation.

Amaira Asim of the Amiara & Asim’s Kitchen is a brave young entrepreneur.  She lost the love of her life, her beloved husband, at a very young age. What remains inspiring for us is her courage and determination. Her unwavering faith in Allah (S.W.T), fortitude, and hard work is inspirational. Amaira’s exceptional cooking skills and her love for Asim’s Kitchen makes Amaira & Asim’s Kitchen a heaven sent for those who prefer home cooked quality food.

Team had the privilege of talking with her.

Tell our readers about your background (birth, childhood, education, work experiences).

Amaira & Asim's Kitchen

I was born in Khartoum, Sudan, where I spent the early years of my childhood. When I was 4 years old, we moved back to Pakistan and settled in Karachi, where I went to DHA Model School. I completed my education from Lahore at Queen Mary and Home Economics, having done my masters in Interior Designing. I’ve mainly been a housewife with a thriving passion for cooking.

Kindly explain briefly about your business (how old is it today, how it began, your business idea etc).

My business is going to be 4 years old in May, 2018 In Shaa Allah. Its inception is a long story, one that my husband Asim must be credited for.

Asim was regional head of KFC in Pakistan, with the food industry being particularly close to his heart. It wasn’t just an office post but was something we as a family were very zealous about. We’d always be hosting a party at our house every other weekend, and I’d be applauded for my culinary skills every time. When my husband left his job, he did not leave behind his drive for the food industry. He wanted us to set up something of our own, however small it maybe. So he designed the logo, set out the menu and explained how we would do it. I was hesitant but he was adamant. The framework had been set, but my husband passed away 2 months later.

Somehow, I knew what I had to do next. I couldn’t let myself sink into the melancholy that had begun to stir around me. So I channelled my energy into executing Asim’s business idea. The manual was in front of me and I was just to follow it. And thus began Amaira & Asim’s Kitchen.

Amaira & Asim's

Who is your biggest support regarding what you are doing?

My family.

What were initial thoughts from your family/peers when you floated your idea?

They were very understanding and supported me at every step.

What were the most challenging moments in your business?

Honestly, I had zero experience in setting up this business. Apart from the cooking part, I had no idea how to run a business, and market it. However, with support from my friends and family, I learnt and managed well, Alhamdullilah.

Are you satisfied with what you are doing?

There is just one word I’d like to say in response to this: Alhamdullilah.

What are your future plans?

I am quite ambitious on opening up a restaurant when the time is right.

Any suggestions to those who also want to start business.

Always have faith in Allah and yourself. There will be rocky paths in this journey of life but there will be beautiful destinations ahead of those. Have the will to keep moving forward.

Any thoughts about

It is a great platform, where one is given space to express diverse ideas and people. I hope and pray that such arenas for expression only keep on growing.

We are thankful to Amaira for taking out time for us. We wish her good luck for all her future endeavors.

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