Fawad Khan Celebrates His Wife’s Birthday In Most Adorable Way!

The nation’s most adored hero, Fawad Khan and his wife made it into news yet again when the ever handsome actor was celebrating his wife, Sadaf’s birthday. The pictures and video of the couple when viral on social media.

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Here is the video that is making rounds on the internet

Being good looking and favourite celebrity couple aside, we would still have opinion on how our favourite celebrities were looking at events. Hence Sadaf’s outfit is bound to come in the spotlight since she was the birthday girl. We all know one can never go wrong with black but if that black is paired up with gray palazzo type pants, well then we can’t be so sure.

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Sadaf was seen wearing a safe black top paired with some kind of pants equally as plain as the shirt. It may have cost her a lot, it must have been a designer’s but on first look, it isn’t making any impression. Her stiletto are the only highlight of her outfit.

Fawad and Sadaf at the birthday party
via Instagram
cake ad birthday
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The cake not only loos yummy but also quite intriguing with some gold fondant work. The theme the couple seemed to be following is all about black.

Guests at the party
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A glimpse of some of the celebrity guests who got a bite out of the cake. Or were they all on diet and just appreciated the cake from afar? Perhaps us fans could make better use of the expensive cake? 😀

Here’s another video