Video of PML-N Senator “groping” a Girl has infuriated Social Media

In the wake of recent Kasur child abuse case, a senior lawmaker ‘groped’ a minor girl adding a last nail in the coffin of our national conscience.  The ‘respectable’ lawmaker has come out to be the PML-N Senator Nisar Muhammad, is from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, also a member of Senate Standing Committee on Human Rights.  The irony of being linked to a post that calls for respecting the rights of fellow human beings. 

PML N senator
Via ZeeNews

The lawmaker’s shameful act of contasntly touching her face got filmed in a video.  The video went viral on social media sparking angry reaction.

With the entire moral values on the verge of collapse, such actions from people in position of power is beyond shameful.

Interestingly this minor girl is the young sister of the now murdered Naqeebullah Mehsud for whom the protest was taking place.

Are these men not thinking before getting involved in such shameful acts?

Watch the video here

The infamous video got filmed during a protest in Karachi Sohrab Goth. The protesters led by a jirga had gathered for the extrajudicial killing of Naqeebullah Mehsud. PML-N Sentor Nisar Muhammad was part of the Senate delegation.

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The politicians’ delegation had met with the organizers of the jirga at Sohrab Goth demanding justice for Naqeebullah. The protests was called off after the senators assured to look into the demands of the jirga.

What comes off the promises of the parliamentarians remains to be seen. Most importantly, what will come off the actions of Nisar Muhammad?

Where are the religious scholars? Where are the members of some of the religious parties? They should be the ones vocal at such times. They should play a role in educating the public, in openly shaming people who sexually harass other human beings. The political parties who use religion as a bait to win people’s votes should be vocal when child abuse cases surface.