TEN Ways Google Knows You Better Than Yourself

We trust Facebook and Google more than our best friends. Sometimes we go to places that we don’t tell our parents, but yes we tell Google. You talk about everything with Google, sometimes very insane question like,

And believe that Google won’t tell it to anyone. However the real story is far from your imagination. Google even remember those things about you that you have totally erased from your memory.

1. Google Knows Wherever You Go

Google knows
Wherever I went in Pakistan

In case you have once turned on you location, Google starts storing all your locations whenever you use your phone. If you notice, Google ha a timeline of all the places you have visited after using Google on your phone for the very first time.

Check Your Location Here

2. Google Knows What you Search & Delete

Google Knows
Whatever We Search on Google

Google knows whatever you search from all your devices. As a precaution you might clear the history on one of your device, but it will be saved on some other device.

You Can Check Your Activities on Google  Here

3. Your Complete Advertisement Profile on Google

Google knows
Advertisement Profile

Google has your complete profile that includes, age, gender, location, interests, career, income, relationship status and even your possible weight.

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4. Google Even Know the Applications You Use

Google Knows
Access to Apps You Use

Yes, Google keeps track of all the apps you use. It knows how frequently you use different or any particular app, the location where you use any particular app, which app is used to interact with whom.

This means that if your father wants to know with whom you were talking at which time of night through facebook messenger, he can.

Check the Apps You Use Here

5. Google Tracks Your YouTube Usage

Whatever you see on YouTube, Google not only knows it, but it keeps the stores the information too about all your YouTube usage history.

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6. Your Data At Google is equal to Millions of Documents

Your emails, bookmarks, Drive Files, YouTube videos, in short everything you do on your devices, Google has it in black and white.

Access your data here

7. Your Data On Facebook

Similarly Facebook also stores all your data, that includes every message or file you send or receive, your phone contacts, all the sent and received audio meassage.

Facebook even stores your stickers and the location from where you login.

Access To Your Facebook Info Here

8. Your Webcam & Microphone are Accessible

Now this is scary. Along with having access to all your data, they can even access your microphone and webcam.

9. Google has Access to Your Deleted Data

I do not like this  … Google Drive has all the data that I even deleted.

10. All the Pictures you took from your phone

Google has record of your pictures that you ever took from your phone. Whether you deleted them or not, Google has not deleted them.

Via The Guardian