Syria And It’s Children: The War With No End

Syria is bleeding. There. I didn’t want to be in your face with this post’s main theme as the title says it already. But we need reminders all the time! We don’t want another Kashmir on our conscience or is it already too late?

We have small attention spans. One of our traits is that we forget. Another of our traits is that we only prefer reading easy stuff online these days. Oh we can’t read big posts/articles. Oh that is way too long and I don’t have enough time. We don’t care if it is about a country dying of war. It is more of concern to us who wore what and who kissed who on the red carpet. We are intrigued by the funny things happening than people bleeding to death, than children being scarred for life.

When will war in Syria end?

war in Syria
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Is it wrong or have we been conditioned this way because of media propaganda? Or is it simply due to the ever rising deaths owing to wars, terrorism and bigger political agendas that we want to stir clear of as much tension as possible?

Whatever our reasons for being indifferent, the war in Syria is real and unending. We get emotional and angry on temporary basis when bloodshed crosses all thresholds. However, our heart beats slow down, our anger melts away, we forget and the cadences of our thoughts and emotions lie flat. We move on.

“For God’s sake help us” tweet by the helpless resident of Eastern Ghouta

Despite the ceasefire resolution by the UN Security Council on Saturday, there have been air strikes by the Syrian government on the rebel held area. The airstrikes have resulted in death of hundreds of people in the Eastern Ghouta enclave near Damascus.

war in Syria
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France and Germany urged Russia to compel Syrian government to abide by the ceasefire resolution.

The news of chlorine gas being used in aerial bombardment has raised worldwide concern. The health officials in Eastern Ghouta have accused the Syrian government of using chlorine gas on the people and children.

At least 27 people were killed on Sunday as a result of shelling by Russian-backed Syrian warplanes.

The war on Syria is serious. The children of the land are dying. It is as simple as that but has become ineffective over time.

White Helmets in Syria have reported that at least one child has died as a result of suffocation. Many women and children have also been reported to have breathing problems post gas attacks.


These attacks come as a violation of the 30 day ceasefire in Syria which was announced by the UN Security Council. And we have hundreds of  videos and photos of helpless crying Syrians calling out to us on social media every day. It is already a 7 year old civil war! And here we are collecting the blood of these innocent people on our conscience.

Before I end the article which may or may not make a difference, read what the British journalist Yvonne Ridley wrote in her open letter to Asma Assad, first lady Syria.

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