Stunning Sonia Hussain On Her Sister’s Wedding

Sonia Hussain is a famous Pakistani model, who has starred in many drama serials in her career up till now. Her sister recently got married. And a celebrity’s sister is also a celeb hence the limelight.

Who is her sister? Well we don’t know the details but she is quite similar to Sonia!


Wedding Trends

Wedding cakes have become a ‘thing’ in the recent years. The first ever cake I saw on a wedding was my cousin’s and that too some 15 years ago. The bride was from Norway and now it makes sense why their wedding had a cake. Back then everyone was like ”hain, shadi mai cake?”

Sonia’s sister can be seen wearing the traditional Indian red bangles. The wedding trend among our Pakistani celebs is to wear bridals that are more close to Indian lehngas, cholis, middle parted hair in a low tight bun.

Day weddings have also made a comeback, something that was still a trend back in the 90’s. But soon it started to be the ‘paindu shadi’ that happens during the day. The trend of day weddings died out eventually because no one wants to be called a paindu. 


And what is a wedding if one isn’t in traditional attire and jewels. Sonia Hussain aced a glamorous look with pastels and some desi jewels.

What is a celebrity if they haven’t got style and Sonia Hussain is not without it either. She looked stunning adorning a white embellished belted dress at her sister’s wedding.

A nice group photo, finally where we can clearly see the groom and the bride.

And here is last but not the least of Sonia’s gorgeous photo in a red velvet blouse and an off white skirt/lehnga. And need I say she does look cute here.