Reasons WHY One Should Never Deceive its Roots

Before we start with the above mentioned topic, we first need to understand the importance of roots in a tree.

1. The roots provide space to the tree so that it can stand.

2. The tree gets the grip in the ground so that it can stay firm.

3. The roots absorb moisture from the soil and deliver it to the whole of tree, which is the most basic necessity for the tree to live.

4. Even if the tree breaks, the roots stay their forever.

Now see case of Adnan Sami. He was nobody. This land gave him recognition because of his good voice. Then after getting fame, he moved to India. We Pakistanis were never botherer and we STILL are not. Since the time he has moved to India, he is supporting that country regardless of the cruelties they are doing in Kashmir and the allegations and garbage they are putting on Pakistan.

Similarly, in all this Pulwama issue, he has been supporting India and Narendra Modi (who is being criticised by many Indians and peace supporters) and opposing Pakistan.

Adnan Sami

Then after facing lot of trolling for NOT supporting Pakistan, he tweeted,

adnan sami

In my opinion, the tweet was very much clear, and did not need any sort of clarification, but after facing lot of back lash at social media, he decided to “Clarify” his previous tweet

adnan sami

Many people with practical approaches would say that after all he has to live there, thats why he supported India. But the fact is , he FORGOT was, “he doesn’t belong there”. India will never give him roots to stand, to be strong, and to get the basic necessities with rights. Thats why, its Indian media never seized to oppose him.

On other hand, there are many Pakistani celebrities who have strong roots in foreign countries but they never forget their relationship with the Pakistani soil. I must appreciate Armeena Khan in this regard. She has gained so much respect in all this whole India-Pakistan clash.

armeena khan

And thats so true! We saw Priyanka Chopra and many other Bollywood actors supporting war just because that was the “need of the hour” for them. However I salute the bravery and maturity Pakistani media and celebrities showed when it was most needed.

Pakistanis have “accepted” and “protected” their roots whether it was War against terrorism or showing the world Pakistan as the most peaceful state on the globe.  United we stand!