Read him with his Feet!!!

Many times in life we a re into a situation when we want to to read the other person’s mind, but we lack the ability. However psychology says that you can read the person’s mind, at least his attention span through these hacks. So, there are 5 ways of reading a person’s mind while observing his/her feet.

  1. If a person’s feet are pointed at you, it means that he is interested in whatever you are talking.   
  2. If a person’s feet are pointed away from you, it means that he is not interested and wants to end the conversation with you. 
  3. If a person crosses his legs while talking to you, this means that he is having a disagreement with you, and he might argue with you anytime soon during the conversation. 
  4. If a person is standing with his legs spread, it means that he is confident in himself.
  5. If a person is constantly tapping his foot while talking to you, it means that he is least interested in the conversation and wants it to over.  

These are the few tips of how you can read the other person’s mind while talking to him without letting him know…