This Is What We Call “Gaaney ki Band Baja Dena”

In today’s’ world, everyone attempts to do differently to become prominent. People sometimes come up with insane ideas to get recognition. Some men keep the mustache as long and thick as possible, whereas some ladies come up with artificial eyebrows or unique hair dyes to get an attraction. Tahir Shah’s songs and Meera Gee’s English could also be taken in this category where they get famous overnight in all mediums, especially on the social media. People like to share their videos and talk about them.

What do you say about this Qawwali: Insane or Innovative?

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In this race of gaining popularity, this guy comes up with yet another idea. He fused a famous English song with a qawwali version. Waww…. Means Qawwali in angrezi zubaan. Viewers have mixed opinion on it. Some say the idea is unique and attractive, yet according to some, he killed the original essence of the song. You can listen to his Qawwali version here.

The original song was “I want to spend my lifetime loving you” by Marc Anthony & Tina Arena. It was the theme song of the movie, “The Mask of Zorro”.

I heard both the versions, and frankly speaking, I like the Qawwali version too. But take it easy Marc & Tina, as an opinion of our readers is still to take. Now let’s see what are your views?