Zayn Malik’s Attempt At Singing “Teri Deewani” Goes Wrong

Zayn Malik in news means it would be about something good. But wait! This time it isn’t. The British-Pakistani singer covered a few songs recently. He shared them on Instagram where we had the ‘pleasure’ of listening to them and cannot ‘undo’ having listened to one in particular.

Kailash Kher’s famous romantic number Teri Deewani got a Zayn Malik rendition which was best left unsung by him.

via Indian exress

“Tere naam se jee loon” lines have given us goosebumps but Malik’s attempt at starting off the song has gone horribly wrong.


While we have all liked and followed the British born singer, he didn’t manage to pull this one off.

We know you will watch the music clip below but it is worth warning that the “hoo jee, haan jee” parts that kailash Kher made come to life were done horribly wrong by Malik. The ‘hoo jee’ sounds more like a cry than part of the song.

Other numbers by Malik include Dusk Till Dawn, I Don’t Wanna Live Forever and the very famous Pillowtalk. But not all songs can be aced by popular songs.


What if Kailash Kher tried his hands on singing some of Malik’s songs maybe he wouldn’t do any good either.

Jiss ka kaam ussi ko saanjay?