Mahira Khan Responded To Yet Another Twitter Reaction

At the 17th Lux Style Awards of this year, a day ago, something interesting happened. Mahira Khan bagged the best actress award for her hit film Verna. Well, yes that in itself is interesting. But this is for another day verna

To present the award veteran actor Javed Sheikh and the glamorous Mawra Hocane came on stage. Javed Sheikh found it befitting to make a little move and well go with what Mawra Hocane did. He also tried giving a little peck on Mahira’s cheek as a gesture of appreciation we shall assume.

However, interestingly, the very glamorous and talented Mahira Khan seemed a little taken aback. Not expecting a kiss from Shiekh saab she had an awkward body language; stuck in the middle of discussing if she should go with the kiss or not.

Watch the video here if you haven’t.

The tarka on the top on this whole episode¬† was obviously what came up on twitter. Some called the senior actor ‘tharki’ and shameful, while others questioned Mahira for rejecting the kiss from an actor senior enough to be her dad.

But this is not the real tarka!

Mahira Khan jumped on twitter and very confidently defended her fraternity member, calling him ‘mentor’ for the whole industry. Then why would someone who respect their co actor and mentor feel so shy about a little harmless peck on the cheek?

We would like to imagine the reaction of Kangna Ranaut if she would have taken the same stance as Mahira or gone onto make bold statements about being mistreated ?

Mahira Khan sure is getting in the limelight for reasons she doesn’t want to be in for.

Yeh showbiz ki dunya hai bhai, yahan jo bhi chalta hai bikta hai.