Lets meet Mahwesh Javaid of MJ Kitchenette

Some people are born talented. They inherit talent or command on special skills through genes. Same is the story of Mahwesh, an expat living in Stockholm, Sweden who is winning hearts of many through her quality baking skills. Mahwesh Javaid runs MJ Kitchenette, whose cakes and cupcakes are worth praising, worth trying and a treat to watch. Not only her baking skills are impressive, but also Mahwesh herself is so polite, friendly and easy going. I really appreciate and wanted to thank Mahwesh for taking time out of her busy schedule to give an interview to the tubelight.pk team. So, without any further delays, lets meet Mahwesh Javaid of MJ Kitchenette.

Lets meet Mahwesh Javaid of MJ Kitchenette
Mahwesh Javaid in her workplace

Tell our readers about your background.

I was born in Lahore. However, as my parents were settled in Faisalabad, so I did my O and A-levels from Faisalabad. I have a Bachelor degree in CSE (Computer Science Engineering) from UET Lahore and MBA from Virtual University.

Share some childhood memories with us.

You can say that I have been a cook and a baker. One of my earliest memory is trying to cook “aalu walay chawal” (a traditional Pakistani rice with potatoes) even though I was not tall enough to reach the stove. In my teenage years, I really liked to experiment with different cakes and cupcakes recipes with my mom.

When did you start thinking about MJ Kitchenette?

Before moving to Sweden in 2014, we always ordered specially themed cakes for our son’s birthdays in Pakistan. For his third birthday in 2015, we wanted a themed cake, but I had an idea of making it myself. Of course, it was difficult at first to find proper tools and products but in the end, I was able to make a race car themed cake in shape of number 3. The guests at his birthday party really loved it and appreciated the effort, giving me the confidence to start thinking about doing it professionally.

To give it a try, I decided to start a Facebook page and see if it’s possible to do any work in this area. It was really hard to find a good name but decided on MJ Kitchenette as MJ are my initials and I wanted to keep the option of catering as well of baking open.

Lets meet Mahwesh Javaid of MJ Kitchenette
via fb page of MJ Kitchenette

 Your inspiration?

My inspiration in the whole world is my ammi (mom). I am using her own cake recipes/methods, that she taught me and they have been an instant hit among my customers.

Who is your biggest support regarding MJ Kitchenette?

My husband! He supported me 110% throughout this process. He has given me all the opportunity to focus on my work.

What were initial thoughts from your family/peers when you floated your professional baking idea?

My family and friends all were supportive and encouraged me to go ahead with this.

What are the most challenging moments in your business?

The fact that I can’t take orders from customers because I am already fully booked for those days.

Moreover, one of the biggest challenges in this line of work is the fact that most of the customers have their parties on weekends, and to preserve the freshness and taste of the cake, most of my work has to be done rapidly between Thursday to Saturday or even Sundays. Without my husband’s constant help and support, this would not have been possible.

The most challenging cake you have ever made so far.

My son’s remote-control cake was one of the most technical.

Lets meet Mahwesh Javaid of MJ Kitchenette
via fb page of MJ Kitchenette

And the brain cake was one of the most challenging.

Lets meet Mahwesh Javaid of MJ Kitchenette
via fb page of MJ Kitchenette

Which cake theme you enjoy the most?

Colorful cakes for a child’s birthday party.

Do you do baking in your home kitchen? Or have you rented some professional kitchen for your work?

We have converted one of the spare rooms in our apartment to a separate work room for me.

Lets meet Mahwesh Javaid of MJ Kitchenette
MJ Kitchentte’s workplace

How do you manage customers and orders?

I already have a timetable in my workroom, where I update committed orders. According to my schedule and capacity, I accept or excuse further orders.

Lets meet Mahwesh Javaid of MJ Kitchenette
MJ’s weekly chart

Are you doing everything alone? Or do you have any team?

At present, I work alone from baking to packing of the cakes.

My husband is the official purchaser and delivery-man, but he considers himself to be “Director of Logistics and Procurement”. While my son is the CEO (Chief Eating Officer) 🙂

Lets meet Mahwesh Javaid of MJ Kitchenette
Cake Decor in Process

Are you satisfied with what you are doing?

Alhamdulillah, I am very much satisfied.

Any interesting or most memorable experience so far regarding MJ Kitchenette.

The most memorable experience was the remote-controlled truck cake that I made for my son’s 5th birthday.

How do you make sure that your orders meet quality food and hygiene standards?

All cakes are freshly baked as per orders using only the best quality Swedish ingredients. All the work is done in a separate room to ensure the best hygienic conditions.

Do you have any contracts with any particular raw material supplier?

Currently, I am purchasing ingredients from local grocery stores. However, due to an immense load of orders, we are considering contracting a regular supplier.

Your future plans?

No one knows what the future holds for anyone, but I would definitely love to run my own bakery one day.

Any suggestions to those who also want to start eatery business.

If you are passionate, just do it. Try to think outside the box and bring something unique to the market.

Lets meet Mahwesh Javaid of MJ Kitchenette
via fb page of MJ Kitchenette

Do you think starting an eatery business overseas Pakistan is different or difficult than Pakistan?

No, it’s not that difficult to start eatery business overseas. You just have to follow rules and laws of that particular country. If you are making/selling something unique, your business will definitely flourish even if it is in or outside Pakistan.

Lets meet Mahwesh Javaid of MJ Kitchenette
Pakistan Independence Day celebration cake

Your thoughts about tubelight.pk?

Tubelight.pk is doing a great job in bringing the right information to masses and giving a forum for likeminded people. I wish them best of luck.

That’s so encouraging how her little family is fully involved in her business 😊. Undoubtedly, MJ Kitchenette is the most demanding baker at least in Stockholm and nearby areas. We hope that the brand covers entire Sweden soon. We wish Mahwesh great success in her future endeavors.

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