Laraib Atta-A Pakistani Making Pakistan Proud in Hollywood

I always love to write about talented Pakistanis. I have no role in making them in what they are, but I feel so proud because we share same nationality.

Attaullah EsaKhailvi is a big name. His evergreen songs are always a treat to listen. His daughter Laraib Atta is the youngest visual effect artist. In the age of 19, her talent led her to Hollywood and she has been part of many blockbuster movies. But now it is about next level. YES, the talented young girl from Pakistan is the visual effect artist in Tom Cruise’s latest Mission Impossible-Fall Out. 

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Laraib Atta was only 19 years old when her first movie as a visual effects artist was released.

Laraib Atta
With Paul Franklin – Creative director and VFX supervisor who won Oscar twice for Inception and Interstellar

She shared, “Before I started the course I had no idea what VFX is, it’s just I knew this magic for films. The first time I watched Toy Story that really inspired me,” said Laraib.

Indeed, parents have a big role in their kids’ future, “My parents didn’t even know what I was getting into, but they supported absolutely when I spoke to my father, my mother, they were like absolutely you have all the choice in the world, whatever you want to do, whatever career you want to pursue you can definitely go for it”

I wish you keep on flying high up the skies with happiness and success…