Imran Khan’s Sajda on a Shrine, Is it Right to Call it Shirk?

There is less than a month left in General elections, and everyone is looking up to everyday changing game of Politics and politicians. Politicians are being criticised and appreciated for different things they are doing.

Regarding Imran Khan, few days back his video of landing in Saudi Arabia bare footed went viral. On that video many people appreciated him for showing respect to the pious land.

However his recent video has caused general public “little” furious,  in which he has done Sajda to the shrine of Baba Fareed in Pakpattan.

Some people also brought in PPP in the matter.

Imran Khan’s any action is indeed incomplete without Reham Khan’s reaction,  lol.

I am not here to defend IK or to oppose him either. But one think that I must say is IK is our only hope now. We as a nation are looking up to IK for solving all our problems as a nation.

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However to call it shirk is something extreme, as we don’t know IK intentions behind it. Indeed its not appreciated in our religion to go on Mazaars and pray from them… There is no obstacle between Allah and a human. So why not asking Him directly???

What are your thoughts on it…