Imran Khan Considering a Public Oath Taking Ceremony! Really???

Unfortunately we belong to a generation that has seen nothing positive when it comes to politics. I feel we have been suffering for sins we haven’t committed. That is the reason we were so frustrated with our politicians and political systems, and so Imran Khan got the real mandate.

However, the news we are listening are still hard to believe. Prime minister not living in PM House, Rest houses meant for politicians and higher officials, will be for public. And now, Imran Khan will be taking Prime Minister oath publicly. 

No air condition, no protocol, nothing called VIP. But a public oath taking ceremon at D Chowk Islamabad. It is said by NaeemulHaq

Lets have a look on the public reaction to IK’s decision.

Finally we have a leader who is not afraid of death. He is not moving in bullet proof cars and living in palaces. He is standing along side me and you. I feel we are in democratic state. A true democracy, By the People, For the People and Of the People!.