How to Handle Three “Awkward” Situations Every Desi Girl faces: Rani Mukherjee

Girls in Eastern societies face one awkward question after another, be it about getting married or having babies. A recent YouTube video featuring Rani Mukherjee is just about how to reply to awkward questions in a witty way.

In the video people comment on Rani Mukherjee or generally on girls in a variety of situations; her complexion, women’s compatibility with men, having a baby girl and so on.

1. The annoying aunties and their suggestions

rani mukherjee

Haven’t we all heard the numerous totkay on morning shows to achieve the perfect gora rung. One such aunty also gives a desi totka to Rani for a fairer complexion. Then there are people who cannot help but give unwanted suggestions about weight loss, increasing height blah blah. How about we give them a desi homemade potion for developing their brains?

2. Larka hota tu acha tha!

Rani Mukherjee

On the news of having a baby girl people show their sympathy as if having a boy is some sort of an achievement. Be it men or women, everyone on this planet does have this wish deep inside to have a boy. No matter how progressive one become, no matter how ‘broadminded’ at the end of the day, having a boy over a girl is a source of pride. Rani faces one such incident in the video as well.

3. Judging people based on their gender than their abilities

Rani Mukherjee

If a girl decides to work after marriage, workplaces are reluctant to hire them, their prospects of landing the job falls in comparison to men. Many countries face the gender inequality problem, South Asian countries being one of them. The chances of a woman getting a job reduces based on their marital status. Despite having the same credentials as her competitor, she will not be the first choice because they might become pregnant, they might have to leave the job. Hence the job goes to someone else only based on the ‘might be’ situation.

There are a few more issues touched upon in a light way in the short video. Like all videos going viral, this one is also a good watch.