Hamza Ali Abbasi Wants to Know Why Is Reham Khan Being So Cruel To him!

Apart from the whole ideological war between Reham Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi, this message from Reham Khan is epic!

Hamza Abbasi was not hero in Janaan

So this is height of cruelty. Even Hamza Abbasi is wondering that why RK is being so empathetic towards him. As he said,

Also Reham Khan has replied to many questions in this short interview

Maybe these are reasons why she is being cruel to Hamza. In my understanding, the whole war is started from Hamza Ali Abbasi’s side for not casting him in her film Janaan.

However it sounds very funny. Again I am impressed by Imran Khan. he still has not said a word about the lady. Lets see what happens next. Also Hamza Abbasi would be coming live tonight with Kashif Abbasi on ARY TV about the book of Reham Khan.