Hamid Sardar-A LACAS Prodigy Left the World Too Soon

We often hear from our elders,

Dunya mei aaney ki to tarkeeb hai per waapis jaaney ki naheen…

The meaning of this phrase becomes clearer when we hear about young deaths. Few days back it was the unfortunate murder of very talented Naveen Noruddin and her husband Salman Iqbal and last night it was Hamid Sardar who was caught by the merciless cancer.

Hamid Sardar, a promising young eighth grader from LACAS Barqi campus left this world forever.

Unfortunately the young prodigy was diagnosed with blood cancer only five months back. May no one experience this cruel disease, but we know how painful the disease is and then its treatment; the chemotherapies and medications add more to the pain. On Friday night which also happened to be one of the odd nights of Laila Tul Qadr he took his last breaths. The young soul fought bravely for a few months, but cancer won and he left his loved ones for an eternal abode.

Hamid was a bright and well behaved student with a zest to excel in life. But life didn’t give him a chance. May Allah create ease for the family especially for parents and siblings.