Four Threats You Face From Your LAIQ Cousin

Here are the four common threats you face from Your Laiq Cousin revealing some bitter realities which hinder your productivity, originality and creativity. These are the cousins we always hate.

1. 😊 Moments become

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Every happy and chilling moment can become a cursed one only and only because of our INTELLIGENT cousin. Such cousin is present on every family occasion to lay us down. God knows when they study or get skills if they have to attend every family event like us.

2. Inferiority Complex

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It is my ultimate priority to ignore and even hide from such a family member. It is because the moment we see each other, I become angry and I don’t know from where, but I start to get the feeling of inferiority complex. Similarly, I try my best to divert my parent’s attention to somewhere else as soon as I sense a danger of possible comparison.

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3. Role Models

Threats you face from Your Laiq Cousin

In front of our parents, such cousin is always a desired child one parent could wish for. Every good habit is present in such a specially blessed soul. And all other family cousins should compel and struggle hard to be like him.

4. Jack of all Trades

Threats you face from Your Laiq Cousin
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I sometimes ask from Allah that why only a few people are blessed with everything? Like those privileged cousins, who are so obedient to their parents, favorite of their teachers, who are master in sports, studies, household work and even looks. Why can’t we be so? Why are not we blessed with even only a single trait my parents can proud of?

It is a sad story of many of us. Let’s pray that may such day arrives soon when we become as favorite to our parents as our other laiq cousins are.