Nine Situations Only Youngest Sibling Can Understand

Humans are hardly ever happy with their situation in life. But more so the siblings. The youngest sibling feels they are living a compromised life while the eldest one considers themselves Mother Theresa. The middle ones have their own issues. But to be honest, it is US, the youngest child, the last of the siblings that get bear the brunt of growing up with older siblings.

1. You are never old enough

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If you are the youngest, this may have come as a struggle than a perk. Whatever you do, or whatever you want to do independently, you are reminded you are not old enough. Especially in Pakistani society. You are treated like a baby. So you are literally told to go sit back  in your chair and do as you are told. Being considered a baby means you are never taken seriously. You have often heard, “issay kia pata, yeh tu bachi/bacha hai.” Or worse, “Tum abhi bhi baray/bari nahi hoi, buhat immature ho.” because in their head you are still the baby! Ugh!

2. You are bossed around

youngest sibling
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The older siblings get into their mafia mode especially when parents are not home. Perfect time to boss around their younger brother and sister. So you take on the role of ‘chotay’ and they become your ‘ustaad’ and tell you to fetch water, fruit, their books, remote, give them the remote; in short just anything. Imagine being an intern during your summer vacation.

3. Never get to have the window seat.


youngest siblings
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You are traveling in a car, a taxi, a plane or even a train, since you are the youngest, you hardly ever get to enjoy the window seat. It becomes a struggle, a mini war while getting into the car until your parents shout and tell you to take ‘your’ seat.

4. All your school life you get hand-me-down (Books, bags, shoes, cloths, etc)

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Yes. This is one of the horrible things. It is the new school year and you are excited for new books. But wait. Let the parents shatter your hopes for new stationery and books. You get your  older siblings’ used books. Your parents couldn’t thank their lucky stars for being able to make you wear used clothes of your evil older siblings. So there you go to parties or relatives or market wearing a lose shirt, a baggy jeans, a  misfit sweater/blazer with sleeves folded to fit you.

5. You realize you are adopted

youngest sibling
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At one point in life, almost every youngest child in the family feels they are definitely adopted. There comes a time when parents and older siblings seem too busy in their lives to give any attention to you. You think of all possibilities and scenarios under which you must have been adopted. You have stood long in front of the mirror thinking I don’t look like anyone in the family. Dang!

Well life can’t be that bad for the youngest ones.

There are some perks too. Life always has a bright side.

6. You are pampered

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Your parents hear you cry, they instantly run to your rescue. Your elder siblings get scolded for teasing the innocent youngest you. If you fell somewhere and got hurt, the elder siblings are called careless for not keeping an eye on you. So you get pampered. Sometimes even ice cream or chocolate as compensation.

7. They have got your back

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Elder siblings do show concern for you. They give advise and protect you from potential hardships. Also how can we forget the elder brother or sister saving your ass in school, or driving away the bullies.

8. What is yours is mine

youngest sibling
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You get to steal good stuff from your siblings wardrobe. *smirk* At one point in your life, your older siblings become helpless when you start taking over their stuff. When they move out, you totally own their room as well. *evil smile*

9. You are where it ends

You boast about being the emblem of perfection that your parents finally called it a day and decided you will be their final and dear child.

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