Five Reasons Why I am Loving Farhan Saeed’s PTI Anthem

Few days are left in General Elections 2018. Whom will you vote? is the most frequently asked question these days. So political parties are brining out their party’s anthem *it must be added that this trend is solely started by IK ;)*.

We knew that Farhan Saeed is singing PTI’s anthem, but it will be out this much soon, is incredible.

So here are the five reasons why I am loving this anthem;

1. Farhan Khan’s Melodious Voice

Farhan Saeed is into singing from many years, but it seems that now his voice has become truly melodious or it is polished with time. Indeed he has sung pti’s new song very well.

2. A Touching Video

The song has a very touching video. It has shown the local people, have highlighted their problems and has shown the progress in country meant for common people.

3. Josh-o-Jazba

Farhan Saeed’s voice is very soft in the song, but somehow he has managed to integrate Josh-o-Jazba factor in the song which is remarkable.

4. Lyrics

The lyrics of the song are giving us hope for good days. It says that the injustice we all are witnessing is about to end. The depression that Pakistan is going to stone age is about to end. The circumstances of common man are about to be on track of success.

5. PTI is NOT Bragging about itself in the song

Whether media shows it or not, we all know that PTI has done a lot in KPK. It might not have made fly overs and underpasses, but it has improved the living conditions for a common man. The good point about the song is that it has not bragged about Pti’s work in KPK like other parties do.