This Bug Can Crash Your iPhone!

Before 2017 ended, Apple had an unlucky week of software issues, and apparently 2018 is not making any difference in its “bad fortune”. Recently a bug is discovered in iOS 11 in which users send a particular character that has ability to CRASH iPhone and block iMessages and other prominent apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Gmail and Outlook for iOS. This bug is discovered by an Italian Blog, Mobile World, and is tested on many iPhones with iOS 11.2.5. Unfortunately the bug also works on MacOS versions of Safari. According to Apple, it will fix the problem before iOS 11.3 comes out in Spring this year.

What Actually Happens

The bug sends a character in Indian language, Telagu to devices, and whichever iOS Apple phone receive this message, the character will make it crash. The Messages present in the iMessages won’t open again. Till now it looks like you can reassess the iMessages only if another friend send you the message and you delete the whole thread containing the “infected” character.

This bug is also tested on Third party apps like, WhatsApp, Outlook for iOS, Gmail and Facebook Messenger, and it is found that bug can disable these apps too. Until or unless you have web access facility enabled, it would be hard to delete the trouble message. This bug is not harming Skype and Telegram.

Do you know Apple is considering Cancellation of iPhone X?