Aayei Apna Gham Ghalat Karein With Funniest Jokes on Dollar Hikes

Dollar has touched the highest peak of 137 PKR today. Mixed feelings are observed in general public. Businessmen are worried. Youthiyaas are defending their leader. Noonies are daaling bhangrey😅…

Overall the situation is tough. Pakistanis want stability. We certainly don’t know the price we have to pay for naya Pakistan. However we also know that Turkey and Malaysia stood up from a total collapse and have now become strong economies.

In this tension-zada mahool, there are some funniest memes our very talented Pakistanis have come up with. Aayei apna ghum ghalat karein…

1. The Competition Among Journalists 🤪


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2. Need For Speed! Sorry SPEECH!

3. Our Memorable Childhood Jokes!

4. Lucky!!!

5. The CRUEL Truth

6. Aadmi Jo Kehta hai Admi Jo Sunta Hai, Zindagi Bhar wo Sadaein peecha krti hain… 😖

7. Hayei…

8. Pti Supporters Right Now…

9. The Real Youthiya!!!