These 15 Old Ptv Ads Will Make You Live Your Childhood Again

Childhood memories cherish every soul. Whether they are about going to a favorite place, having a favorite snack, getting a favorite toy or watching a favorite TV show, everything refreshes you. Keeping the fact in mind, that

Mere bachpan kay din

Kitnay achy they din

I thought to share a compilation of beautiful childhood ads which many of us used to see only on our National TV channel, i.e. PTV. So, let’s take you back in time. Cherish your minds and souls with these lovely childhood old PTV ads.

1. Koi or Nahi Sirf Philips Bulb

I can’t even recall any other bulb brand of that times other than Philips. Can you?

2. Cherry Iski Umar Barhaye

Old Pakistani ads

Talking about Cherry Blossom Shoe polish.

3. Piary bacho KIWI kia hai

I remember only two shoe polishes of my school time, Cherry & Kiwi.

4. Dentonic twice a day

It was the most frequently aired ad during cricket matches. And it was my late maternal grandpa’s must-have item in his toiletry bag. Ahh!! What a bundle of cherished memories I have with this tiny tooth powder brand.

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5. Aye Khuda Mere Abbu Salamat Rahein

Aapkay roshan mustaqbil ki zaamin

State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan

6. The Legend Leads

Peek Freans from the House of EBM.

7. Bhool Na Jana Phir Pappa

Those sweet innocent wishes…

ik nauras mere bhayya ki

ik nauras meri lana

mazay mazay ka sharbat nauras

mujh ko dil se hai piara

Here is the video compilation of all these classic ads

8. Abbu aagaye…

What a filmy abbu’s entry! Sweetest bond of girl and papa relationship depicted in the form of sehat ka paighaam Binaca.

9. Meri Muthi Mei Bund hai Kia?

10. Keemat per na jaen, chaar ki jgah aik jalaein

None other than Metro Milan Agarbatti. Wo b koi aam nahi, just billi kay nishaan wali.


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11. Candy Mei Wo Khaas Baat Hai Jo Kisi Aur Mei Kahan

12. Morven Gold

Still nothing can beat the music.

13. Shave Ho Rahi Hai?

Pehla blade krta hai chan, dusra chun, chachacha chaaa

Shaving ko Gillette se ziada ko na jaany

14. Don Carlos

The weirdest ad of shoe brand by Servis, I can’t get to date.

15. Imran Khan’s Pepsi ad


It has been ages that Pepsi & Cricket harmonies go side by side.

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Let’s enrich this list together. I would be waiting for you to brainstorm and add ads of that era. Share and enjoy!