Can you guess 1990s video games?

As we are moving into the 30s, everything about our childhood started cherishing us. The last decade of last millennium has always kept a special place in our hearts. A few days back, we discussed top ten songs which were hit in the 90s, and now it is time to guess 1990s video games.

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When I talk about old video games, I immediately recall Atari, Nintendo, and Saga. Each platform has its own collection of games that come in the form of cassettes. There was a wide range of games from racing cars to airplanes, games about cartoon characters, action and challenges based.

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To give you goosebumps and as a reminiscence of past, see the following video, and try to guess video games from their music.

Is it quite interesting? Right?  So just listen to the video, try to guess and don’t forget to share with your friends. Happy guessing!!