Women Dancing In front of Animal to-be-Slaughtered

Being a citizen of Pakistan, and being ethically or morally responsible, I would like to raise a very sensitive issue which I doubt might be going popularity in coming years, which I seriously condemn. The topic which I am going to figure out is dancing women in front of a handsome or beautiful healthy animal (cow/lamb/goat) and goat walks (goat modeling impressed by cat walks sort of thing) which are to be sacrificed later on.

Such videos are going viral these days through social media, especially on Facebook. I mean what is this? What’s going on? And where are we heading? I think we all Muslims know the purpose of sacrificing an animal as a Sunnah Ibrahimi, and how beloved that act was to Allah. So, what is the point of glamorizing this act? Or I am compelled to say in harsh words the vulgarity part is trying to be incorporated with this holy recall of Sunnah Ibrahimi. There is a code of conduct in every culture to celebrate their occasion, or special days. Please I request not to ruin the essence of this great cause.

We all have or should have respect to all of the religious and cultural values. 1st the media disrespects Ramazan in terms of those prize distributing long hours transmission before Iftaar, and now this thing before Eid ul Azha. I request you to raise this issue in your program so as to morally awake the people and to authorities as well to please take serious measures or action against it so it would not repeat again in future. This is the most I could do as a common man. I hope we as a nation consider this issue worth sharing through our social media platforms, word of mouth and through all possible means.