SIX Others Quit Patari as CEO Khalid Bajwa Is STILL Heading the Company

Few days back we heard about harrasment allegations against Patari CEO Khalid Bajwa. Apparently Patari took an immediate action on it, and Khalid Bajwa stepped down.

Patari ceo
Via Express Tribune

This was the message tweeted by Patari’s management instantly after the issue of sexual harassment sparked the social media.

Meesha Shafi has accused Ali Zafar of Sexual Harassment 

However, according to latest news, six other members of Patari’s core team have resigned from their positions as Khalid Bajwa is still heading the company even after the resignation was confirmed by the management.

Ahmer Naqwi was appointed as CEO right after Khalid Bajwa stepped down. Last night Ahmer Naqwi took to social media and said,

However Patari says,

Patari has cleared things, but we believe, aag lagti hai to hi dhuwaan uthta hai. Hope things become fine with Patari and it stays as an inspiration for many.