Sharjeel Memon Is Most Honest Parliamentarian, And We’re Like “Kia???”

Going through my twitter feed, I went through this tweet,

Sharjeel memon honest parliamentarian

And yes I thought its a meme. However Naseem Zehra a renowned journalist who shared it, it was strange. I am a big fan of sense of humour of Pakistanis, whether they are sitcoms or everyday jokes on twitter or facebook. So thought its just another joke and I should share it with friends and family.

Sharjeel Memon indicted in corruption case along with 11 others 

But when I was about to share it on my twitter, there were numbers of reactions already present on twitter, condemning the award,

These are the few tweets I noticed. I might not be very good in politics, but I know he was arrested by NAB in October 2017. 

Also his bail appeal was rejected by Supreme court in November 2017. 

How on earth he can be the most honest parliamentarian from 2013-2018. In politicians ka result kaun likta hai ar comment section kaun fill kr krta hai???

If it is true that everything can be true. There is nothing called impossible, and yes I am Shahrukh Khan.

Sharjeel Memon is honest
Via Giphy

Has the definition of honesty totally changed? Btw whats the current definition of honesty? can anyone help?

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