Sanju-A Perfect Combo of Marvelous Performance and Excellent Execution

Excellent script, brilliant Ranbeer performance, marvelous direction, an emotional and dramatic depiction of a Snajay Dutt’s life.

The first half dealt with personal elements of Sanjay’s life, specifically his drug abuse as a resort to deal with his personal difficulties and relationship crisis; his association with his friends and how he copes with his failure to fit in the shoes of his father specifically and his mother generally. His emergence as an actor into Bollywood is surrounded by all sorts of personal issues like his mother passing away just 3 days before release of his first movie. He has been shown as a good at heart but impulsive son of two successful actors who has to succeed and must make it big time in Bollywood. Plus his father’s larger than life image due to his role as a politician and philanthropist puts additional pressure on Sanjay to become a better human being. Burdened with these high expectations he is portrayed as a boy who takes a refuge in drug culture, with the consequent problems in personal relationships.

The second half was about his social life. That off course included his trails and tabulation during the controversial Mumbai blast trials, his brushes with the Mumbai underworld and off course his resurgence as an actor through movie like Munna Bhai.

The common theme through out the movie is Sanju’s relation with his father and his best friend.

It would be unfair not to mention Paresh Rawal who played a wonderful performance as Sunil Dutt.

The cameo roles by Vicky Kasuhal as his best friend Kamlesh and Manisha Koirala as his mother Nargis also fit nicely into the movie narrative.

The movie also critiqued role of mass media and how it shapes rise and fall of people’s fortunes, sometimes quite unfairly and how people like Sanju struggle to dispel the stigmas associated with then through popular media.

Overall, two thumbs up for Raj Kumar Hirani for wonderful writing and direction which presented a finely tuned and crisp biopic based on a complex character like Sanjay Dutt which was never easy.

A must see work by Rajkumar Hurani who I am a big fan now!

P.S: The way throwback period is shown in first half with costumes, environment and even building and cars indicating 80s/90s era manifests that Indian cinema is growing and maturing. This is great cinematography indeed which is a treat to watch.