Meet Ahmed Sarym: A Fresh Blood to Our Journalism Field

The soil of Pakistan has never been infertile with the talent, energy and the passion this land’s kids and teenagers have. Whether it is a matter of technology or sports, acting, writing or singing skills, Pakistan has always been blessed with so much talent that keeps on amazing us. One such influencing name is Ahmed Sarym. In such a young age, this guy has already achieved his many wishes and fulfilled his lot of dreams. A very down to earth boy, charming personality, a little talkative but a humble soul, let’s read what Ahmed Sarym has to tell us about his life.

1. Tell our readers about your background.

I was born in 2002 in Islamabad. My childhood was very interesting. I was very much into cinemas and films and I still remember Madhuri Dikshit being my first crush and her comeback film Aa Jaa Nachlay was pretty much everything I would think of when I was almost five. My childhood was not a conventional one. I think I was a very sensitive kid and I was very vulnerable in a way that I was very expressive.

I am also blessed with the best immediate family. Because I am very close to both of my parents, especially my father. It is rare for boys to have this kind of association which I have with my father. He is very supportive, and he has always been. In fact, he takes out time during his office hours to take me for my interviews. He takes off to travel with me for my interviews and it is just very rare. And I fail to understand that why it is rare because I think parents are supposed to be supportive and he is just setting the brilliant example. My childhood is just blessed with very liberal and amazing people surrounding me. I am an O levels student. I am in my 1st year.

2. Kindly tell us about your journalism interest.

I never really knew that it was journalism until much later. But I always knew that I am very inquisitive as a person. So, I always have been very interested in finding out what exactly is going on in people’s minds. What influences the choices that they make, and it wasn’t limited to celebrities. I mean I would be the one asking questions to my friends all the time. I was very talkative, and I still am. It helps when you have the urge to know. Journalism happened particularly after the film Waar.

Like I have told you that I have always been a film fanatic from a very young age. When I saw Waar of Shan Shahid film, I just knew that Pakistan has the potential to make the best cinema ever. I was just mind blown by the production quality, the performances, the direction. Not only the direction of the film, but the direction of the Pakistan cinema is taking. I just wanted to be a part of that movement. So, I think journalism is not only journalism for me, but it was more of a drive. Somewhere back in my mind, I always knew that I wanted to do this in a way.

3. Your inspiration?

This question is very interesting. There are a lot of things I am inspired by. First, I am inspired by life. There is no better teacher than the ups and downs of life. You only learn when you make mistakes. From the family, it is my father. I wish I become half the person he is. He is absolutely brilliant. I have learnt the virtues of patience, tolerance, care, compassion, even style from him. He has been featured in some international publications for his style also. So, I probably get that from him too.

From teachers, Sir. Haris really transformed me a better person. He taught me what exactly matters in life. He is a big influence in just four months. The editor of Instep, Amna Haider has taken me through this entire journey. I think my association with print media publication has really helped me becoming a better journalist because what she teaches me, remains with me and I really value it.  So, these three people have a huge impact on the person I am today. I am thankful to God that I can recognize the true gems around me.

4. Tell us about your journalism journey.

My journalism journey spans over five years as an entertainment journalist to be precise. I founded Pakistan’s first internet magazine Fizzzzz. But I couldn’t able to focus on it too much. But through that medium, I was able to conduct my first interview with Shan Shahid after Waar like I mentioned before. Fizzzzz placed me on the map. It introduced me to a lot of people. I think at the age of 11, one of the biggest stars of Pakistan I had known, I had interviewed them, and I think those interviews really matured you as a person because you are really stepping out of your comfort zone. From Fizzzzz only, I got a chance to write for few internet publications like Hip in Pakistan and Pakium.

What has really been a turning point for me as a journalist has been the fact that I have started writing for Dawn Images, The News, Express Tribune, and Daily Times. So, these are the publications through which I met a lot of editors, mentors. All the publications really helped me being more opinionated and approachable. What journalism really does to you that it helps you to build a strong opinion about something. You are known for your opinions, I believe. In the past one and a half year, I have been exposed so much. I have also hosted a couple of gigs and web talk shows. So, this is my journey so far. And I am very proud of whatever I have done so far.

5. Your biggest support?

My parents undoubtedly. It is very convenient for parents to completely shun their aspirations, dreams, and passions. But my parents have never done so. When I see children of my age around me, their only aim in life is to get good grades. They don’t think beyond that. But I think life is so much more. I believe grades should be a part of learning instead of your ultimate goals. I have stepped into the professional world so early and it could only be possible because of my parents. Parents are the ones who can seek and exploit the interests of their children and they should be given a chance.


6. What were the most challenging moments in your jobs so far?

Most challenging moments are my interviews, for the better and worse. Some people are very difficult to read, they are not open. Some are not easily approachable, some are highly unprofessional. There are some people with whom you are really scared to interview. For instance, I got a chance to interview incredible Mr. Nadeem Baig a month back. And I was just petrified because of the fact that a young journalist like me could do justice with a person like him with his questions and research. This scary thing takes me back a couple of times, but I feel honored.

People like Nadeem Baig, Bushra Annsari, Zeba Bakhtiar are institutes on their own and interviewing them is a really a big challenge for me. But I really like challenges. Your mistakes really help you to grow and unfortunate events give you a lot of lessons. Many people also try to put you down. They don’t want to see you get succeeded and there are such people even in the journalism community. So, these are the obstacles you face, unfortunately. I hope people who join this field in coming years don’t have to face such difficult times.

7. You enjoy writing/covering the most?

I enjoy everything I write as it fulfills me as a person. Writing is my form of expression. Cinema really helps to look a life from very different perspective. I think Art and Creativity inspire me a lot. If you look at my recent pieces, you can see that they are socially inclined, I think. The evils are so deeply embedded in our society which really needs to be looked after. I think I have this voice now as a writer and I believe in the power of the pen. I am currently into pieces which set out to create a lot of awareness. They come from the perspective which is very real. What really drives me now to reach more people and include their opinion to help to create a society which is socially responsible, aware and educated.

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8. Any interesting or most memorable experience so far regarding your journalism life.

My most memorable experience was hosting a Bodyshop Fashion Show which was attended by Hamza Ali Abbasi, Saman Ansari, Umair Jaswal, Saima Azhar walked in the fashion show. And it was the same event that was hosted by in Jacquiline Fernandez India. It was such a proud moment for me that a teenager boy of 12 or 13 years is hosting such a big show having a lot of superstars and famous personalities. I got a chance to inaugurate Bodyshop Fragrance called the Red Musk. That wonderful evening, the setup, the fanciest ambiance all were telling me that nothing can stop you. Your age is just a number. Your only obstacle is your head and nothing else.


9. How do you manage to do so much work with full-time studies?

Everyone has hobbies especially when you are a teenager. My hobby has always been to write. I think that is the way how I relax. It helps me unwind. It is recreation for me. I never feel burdened because of this. I express myself through it. It cannot be a profession for me. I am not into it to make money. It is purely driven by passion.

10. Your leisure time activities.

I don’t have any apart from writing (laughs).

11. Any suggestions to those who also want to start a career in editing/publishing or content writing.

Writing in an unparalleled passion comes from the beginning. Writing is not something I would ask everybody to attempt it. Because I think you need to have an inclination from the early stages. And secondly, I think it’s a lot of hard work. When it comes to the entertainment industry, it is not an easy chase. You have to run after people and at times it is very exhausting mentally and physically. At that point, you question yourself that is it THE thing you are into the most? If you really want to do it, if you have an urge to write, that’s what ultimately drives and raise you. So, my opinion would be just to be honest with yourself and hear yourself.

12. Your thoughts about

I am very honored that you reached out to me. You are doing a phenomenal job. Starting everything of your own without any backing, any PR or corporate sector support needs a lot of perseverance. I see as one of the most prominent websites of Pakistan because I can see there is a lot of energy, a lot of truthfulness, dedication in the way you are approaching people. In my opinion, honestly always outshines. Wishing you nothing but LUCK.

Same from Ahmed, we wish you nothing but Luck. Thanks a lot for your time. It was worth it. We pray that you keep on rising like this and the ink in your pen and the passion within you, never dry.